Sunday, April 7, 2013

St. Francis Mural Project

All finished!

Center area features Old Testament Prophets- Moses, Abraham, Noah and David

Sacrifice of Issac

 King David

Noah's Ark

Left side above cryroom

Right side above cryroom
David and Goliath still life
                                                           Blood on doorposts-Passover

                                                     Dove and Raven with olive branch

                                                       Abraham and Sarah in the desert

Ark of the Covenant

                                                                 Presentation of manna  

My fearless assistants: Jack Smart and Jonathon Omarie
You guys rock!!

Moses with 10 Commandments and Burning Bush on Mount Sinai
Panorama shot of mural in progress.  I am very pleased with the way this project has turned out.  I think the murals successfully create the illusion of piercing the wall.

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  1. My, what beautiful work. These are very impressive! Great trompe l'oeil. Thanks for sharing. Now I really want to take a trip down there to see them in person.