Thursday, May 10, 2012

St. Francis Mural Project

Sincerest apologies to my 13 followers for the recent lapse in blogging activity.  I've been quite busy lately getting through this last semester-helping students get ready for AP Art History exams and AP Studio Art portfolios, matting and framing several student works and setting up Juan Diego's annual Fra Angelico art exhibition.  Thankfully, as of this week I have a lot less going on which means I can start moving forward with the next mural project.  Before I do, here's one more look at the finished altarpiece mural.  I never get sick of looking at it.

                                                                       Choir wall

This view is looking down the nave toward the rear of the church.  The concepts for this wall mural are symbols of Old Testament Covenants.  To maintain the order and balance of this beautiful mission style architecture, I wanted to create multiple smaller murals set within mission-style archways to compliment the mission motif.

 This is a sketch I did on site in my sketchbook.  You can see the archways I mentioned earlier, I have several variations of this idea.  I think it works well in the space.

Here are some preliminary thumbnails of the archways. 

                                                   Molly's also excited to get back to work. 

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