Saturday, August 13, 2011

St. Francis Mural Project

 This week was our first contract week of the school year, which meant faculty meetings, syllabi, orientations, lesson plans, order supplies, books, powerpoints, department meetings, seating charts, roster changes, handbook changes, asprin...oh, and I did a little painting this week too.
 Lately I've been focused mostly on the painting the sky.  To make clouds look convincing it is helpful to use thin layers of paint called glazes that are built up to create an illusion of transparency and make the clouds look more cloud-y. 
Paint cups.
 Molly takes laziness to another level.
I took my AP Art History class on a field trip to the UMFA today.  They're such good little art analyzers.  School starts next week which means I will probably not get much sleep between painting and teaching.  Oh well, I work better when I'm a little sleep deprived.  

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